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Agarbatti Machine

Agarbatti Machine - Price Starts at INR 1,50,000/Piece

Want to buy agarbatti machine?Now you can buy automated agarbatti making machine with discount price? Rajputana Industries is one of the best manufacturers of automated machines for making agarbatties.

You can start your small in-house business of making agarbatties with our automated agarbatti making machines in Jaipur. Rajputana Industries is one of the best and leading manufacturing company of agarbatti making machines in Jaipur, Rajasthan.

Rajputana Industries is a large-scale agarbatti manufacture company that provides the machine in a reasonable range. We manufacture the machine with our full experience and latest technology and offer it to our customers. Rajputana industries offers the best fully automatic agarbatti-making machine at different prices. We have made this machine fully automatic, sensor, and the best quality.

Our company not only gives you the machine, but also gives you our years of experience and the quality of our machine with the best new electronic sensor so that you can work with our high quality agarbatti machine and get better results. We Agarbatti Machine Manufacturers manufactures the best Automatic Agarbatti Machine in the world, that too with a good automatic technology.

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Product DetailsApprox. Price: Rs 1,50,000 / Piece

  • PRODUCTION CAPACITY: 100 kg/8 hour
  • SPEED 275 sticks per min (Depends on Stick Quality)
  • WEIGHT - 150 kg
  • DRIVE: - 1.5 HP
  • MOTOR: - 1.5 HP
  • LENGTH OF INCENSE STICK: - 8 & 9 inches

Rajputana industries offers very reasonable and discounted price of agarbatti making machine and this is approx INR 1,50,000/Piece. This machine makes 275 sticks per minute, but it depends on the quality of your sticks. To make incense sticks easily, you can make this automatic machine a part of your business. If we talk about the production capacity of our Incense Stick Machine, the machine makes 100 kg incense sticks in 8 hours. Using the machine, you can make very good quality Incense sticks that too with good speed.

automatic agarbatti making machine

Product DetailsApprox. Price.55000 / Carton

  • PRODUCTION CAPACITY: - 50 kg/8 hour
  • SPEED 150 sticks per min (Depends on Stick Quality)
  • WEIGHT - 100 kg
  • DRIVE: - 1.5 HP
  • MOTOR: - 1 HP
  • LENGTH OF INCENSE STICK: - 8 & 9 inchess

Rajputana industries provides the best agarbatti-making machine at a reasonable price and economical rate. You can buy this automatic agarbatti-making machine for INR 55,000 prices. We have kept the total weight of the machine as 100kg so that the machine can be set anywhere for making incense sticks. To set up a great incense sticks business, you must try and use our Automatic Agarbatti Making Machine and get the best service. Our Agarbatti Automatic Machine mainly manufactures Incense sticks of length 8 to 9 inches.